Catalyst Project

Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

Thanks for praying about my Zoom meetings with Jeff and Bart from Clinton Health Initiative. Kerri at CLASP was kind enough to share my name. As I understand it, they've been tasked with facilitating the effective use of funds for wheelchair provision in low-resource areas. I enjoyed interacting and they seemed to really listen when I described the advantages of working with faith-based initiatives like BethanyKids and mission hospitals. It was great to be able to open doors for meetings directly with BethanyKids leaders.

Workers adjusting a wheelchair

Thanks also for praying about the zoom meeting between Mobility Worldwide and BeeLine wheelchairs that I was part of and helped to arrange. Mark, Cary and Scott are all men with hearts to bring mobility to those who need it. It's exciting that they may be going forward to work together and work with BethanyKids and perhaps other mission hospitals.

The photos are of the BK team in Kenya still at work, doing what they can during Covid. Thanks to Moses for the photos. It's exciting that God may be opening doors to facilitate what BK is doing to bring hope to those with disability, and hopefully open doors at other locations as well. Things take time and careful thought so please keep praying.

Appreciate you!

Working on wheelchairs