Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

Now 85 is the lowest number possible!!

Please consider helping us hit this higher target.  Each wheelchair of this type costs $360 USD. Click on the button below to donate and clearly indicate "for wheelchairs".


One of our initiatives this year is with Participant Life. They make a pediatric supportive wheelchair called the Cub Chair.  We were in the final stages to partner with with BethanyKids to obtain 30 of these wheelchairs, fit them to children, and then do a study next spring with Jessica Tsotsoros team at University of Oklahoma to see how well these wheelchairs work in Africa for these children. We had raised funds toward the thirty chairs, Thanks to all who donated!! 

Now, unexpectedly, additional funds are urgently needed.  Participant Life just told us that they can't send 30!  Shipping has become so much more difficult over Covid!!  Now this first step to move toward local sustainable sources of Participant Life chairs is only possible if we can purchase 85 for this first initiative and fill a 20 foot shipping container!! 

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To transform lives 

Our long-term goal is to have wheelchairs made locally so mission hospital teams can order a few chairs at a time.  First steps are getting wheelchairs there, tested, and then opening discussion with wheelchair companies on how to make a local supply.  What just happened highlights the urgent need for that!  Raising funds for so many and the time and cost of shipping is SO difficult. Enabling training for local teams in caring spiritually, social and physically for these families is also a central focus of what we do.  Wheelchairs with local care transform lives and open doors for families and communities to move toward true hope. Thanks for partnering with us!

Catalyst Project