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Karen is a published author. Both Phil and Karen are professional photographers. All funds generated from the sale of their art and books support the ministry of ATCatalyst.

Karen is the author of three novels originally published by Multnomah Publishers, and of the five book Anika Scott series for young readers originally published by Tyndale House. Brief descriptions of the books are below. All can be purchased on Amazon.

African Skies by Karen Rispin

African Skies by Karen RispinLauren knew she would love Africa--she just never imagined how much. She had come to study wildlife . . . to join a world-renowned conservationist . . . to make a difference. And she enjoys it all: the work, the animals, the country, the people.

Well, all except Darren Grant. For all his good looks and his undeniable skill as the resident bush pilot, he is far too opinionated.

Unfortunately, Darren and Laurel can't seem to get away from each other. And when a season of starvation and epidemic strikes, they have to learn to work together.

Can they find harmony in the land they both love, despite the differences that tear them apart?

Buy African Skies on Amazon.

Rustlers by Karen Rispin

Rustlers by Karen RispinA child is dead. Amber is responsible.

Anguished by her patient's death---and by her own sense of failure---Amber packs up and heads west across Canada, resolving never to practice medicine again. What could be farther from her past than working on a horse farm in Alberta?

Against the advice of local veterinarian Ben Miller, Amber takes a job on the Niven ranch---and soon discovers something strange is going on there. But only when Amber's beloved horse goes missing do the two of them stumble onto the shocking truth.

And only when Amber reconciles herself to God---and to His call on her life---can she and Ben help right the wrongs they have uncovered . . . .

Buy Rustlers on Amazon.

Summit by Karen Rispin

Summit by Karen Rispin

Julie Miller loves living on the edge, savoring the beauty and majesty---and the challenge---of God's creation. Nothing brings all of that together like rock climbing. When she climbs, it's as though she's doing what she was created to do . . . as though she finally fits. Nothing and no one else has made her feel that way. Especially not her ex-fiancé, who made it painfully clear that Julie was a misfit in his eyes---and in God's.

Then David Hales shows up and starts getting all of her work. Which angers Julie almost as much is the fact that she can't stop thinking about the man!

Then Julie uncovers a sinister plot that puts both their lives in danger. Only by trusting each other---and God---will they survive the dangers that await them.

Buy Summit on Amazon.

The Anika Scott Series

Adventure, excitement, danger, and discoveries about God and how to live his way you'll find it all with Anika Scott. Pre-teen and young teen readers will love reading about this twelve-year-old dynamo who ends up in unusual situations and has to rely on her ingenuity and her faith in God to get her through.

The Impossible Lisa Barnes (Anika Scott Book 1)

Being twelve isn't easy. But Anika Scott, who has joined her parents as a missionary in Kenya, uses her faith and trust in God and His words as guidance to help her through her adolescent problems. Join Anika in her exciting and often dangerous adventures where using God and her own ingenuity, she makes discoveries about the truth in the world. When Lisa Barnes arrives at the missionary school with her parents, Anika is amazed that she cannot love the exotic wilderness. Instead the girl is frightened of the local wildlife and generally hates everything about this beautiful land. Anika and her friends devise a plan to make the impossible girl leave once and for all. But is that God's plan?

Tianna the Terrible (Anika Scott Book 2)

What do you do when you've been thrown into a world that scares and confuses you? What if the one person who is supposed to help you adjust to your frightening situation is just plain mean? Watch Anika discover the answers to these difficult questions and more in her latest adventure. She will need to use all of God's gentle words and guidance to put up with Tianna the Terrible.

Anika's Mountain (Anika Scott Book 3)

Anika has always wanted to climb Mount Kenya, and when Lisa gets to go with her Uncle Joey, Anika seizes the chance of a lifetime. But what is supposed to be the ultimate adventure in mountain climbing quickly turns disastrous. Will her prayers to God be answered in time, or will her adventure on Mount Kenya turn deadly?

Ambush at Amboseli (Anika Scott Book 4)

When Anika discovers a baby elephant in the Amboseli Game Park, she tries to find someone to care for the injured animal. But what begins as a harmless trip to find help quickly turns dangerous for Anika and her brother. Only her faith in the Lord will guide Anika out of the frightening ambush at Amboseli and deliver Anika and her brother safely into their parents' arms.

Sabrina the Schemer (Anika Scott Book 5)

Anika never dreamed that Sabrina would accuse her of stealing, especially from her friends. Now Anika must face the shame of being called a thief and find a way to repair the damage that Sabrina has done. Will her friends ever trust her again, or will she forever be branded as a criminal? Anika will need all the help she can get from God's wise words to find a way out of this mess.