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Wheelchair Satisfaction Questionnaire

Assessing a Wheelchair User's Satisfaction

The Wheelchair Satisfaction Questionnaire (WSQ) is designed to provide data on a wheelchair user's satisfaction with their own wheelchair at a given moment in time.

The WSQ is usable in studies in low and middle-income countries where many speak English as a second language and where there may be a need to translate the questionnaire into other languages. For that reason, the WSQ contains language that is simple and clear.

The questionnaire can be completed by wheelchair users with complex seating needs and by those with more basic seating needs. The WSQ is not about quality of life, or the wheelchair user's mobility or capacity level. The focus of the WSQ is specifically on satisfaction with the wheelchair. The questionnaire is set up in a way that enables feedback on each wheelchair region with the goal of providing information which can enable repair, modification, and/or change.

A conference paper discussing validation of the WSQ has been accepted for ISS in March, 2019. Access information will be added when it becomes available. 

Download the WSQ Questionnaire

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