Catalyst Project

Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

Drawing of mountains and a flag

Isaiah 30:17b "So few of you will be left that you will be like a flagpole on top of a mountain. You will be like only one banner on a hill."

Shock, and then encouragement.

In these crazy times, I’ve been hanging on to the verse, ‘You will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way. Walk in it”. Apparently I'd memorized that verse as a child so it was in my mind, but I had no idea of the context. Then this week I was reading Isaiah, and there it was in chapter 30! The chapter shocked me, and then it served like a bracing and reviving cold shower. Maybe you’ll find it helpful too. No easy times are promised in this passage!

In Isaiah’s time, the leaders of Judah were making foolish and poor choices and so were most of the people. The fabric of society was torn and disintegrating. Many were being killed and more death was expected. Some definite similarities to 2020!

An excerpt from Isaiah 30 in the NIrV version: 1The Lord says, “How terrible it will be for these stubborn children of mine! . . . 9 These people of Judah refuse to obey me. They are children who tell lies. They will not listen to what I want to teach them.” . . . 15The Lord and King is the Holy One of Israel, He says, “You will find peace and rest when you turn away from your sins and depend on me. You will receive the strength you need when you stay calm and trust in me” . . . 17b “So few of you will be left that you will be like a flagpole on top of a mountain. You will be like only one banner on a hill.” 18 But the LORD wants to have mercy on you. He will rise up to give you his tender love. The LORD is a God who is always fair. Blessed are all those who wait for him to act! 19 When you cry out to the LORD for help, he will have mercy on you. As soon as he hears you, he’ll answer you. 20 He might treat you like prisoners. You might eat the bread of trouble. You might drink the water of suffering. But he will be your Teacher. He won’t hide himself anymore. You will see him with your own eyes. 21 You will hear your Teacher’s voice behind you. You will hear it whether you turn to the right or the left. It will say, “Here is the path I want you to take, so walk on it.”

Please pray that we stay true and hear that voice - see below!


There's discussion underway with these organization and others about initiating a more sustainable source of wheelchairs in Kenya. Appreciate prayers for wisdom and resources.